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Are you thinking about quitting smoking and have difficulty choosing a Vape? We help you along the way. All Vape and Ecig work pretty much the same way. The task of the electric cig is to vaporize the liquid similar to cigarette smoke. So the question is which of the Vape models should you choose?

If you just want to test how an e-cig works, then we recommend Disposable Vape. Disposable vapes are simple and already filled with liquid, so you just have to start vaping right away. No settings at all.

If you vape a lot, then it is a cheaper option in the long run if you buy a complete Vape starter kit that you can refill yourself with E-juice. You can choose in the category above between Ecigg for beginners or slightly more Advanced Vape. If you are a new vaper then we recommend Ecigg for beginners. Over time, you may be able to upgrade to more advanced Vejps.


Choose the Vejp that suits you best

To make it even easier for you then, we have divided various Vape starter kits into different categories.

Disposable Vape : The simplest option is the Disposable Vape. If you only want to test how an E-Cigarette works, then Disposable Vape is the right choice for you. Disposable Vape is already filled e-cigarette with 2.0ML e-juice and the battery is already charged. You can use the Disposable Vejp directly as it is. No buttons to press and no settings at all. Just take flares straight away. Disposable e-cigs are perfect for beginners but also for more experienced vapers who want an extra e-cig in their pocket or bag.

E-Cig for Beginners : For those who are beginners but want a complete Vape starter kit that lasts longer and can be recharged again and again, we recommend a starter kit for beginners. Vape models for beginners are very simple, with only one or no buttons at all, no advanced wattage or temperature settings. You just need to fill up with the desired e-juice and start vaping. It's not more difficult than that. You can choose from many different models and colors from the most famous Vape manufacturers.

Advanced Vape : For more experienced users, we recommend MOD-s, which are usually stronger, have a larger battery capacity (available in up to 4000 mAh). These also have more options when it comes to ohm selection, variable voltage, temperature control, airflow, etc. These models usually produce much more steam, you have many different modes to switch to, you can use different burners with different resistances and much more. Nowadays, most advanced vape mods have an LCD display that shows all the information during use.

Build your own Vape : As the last option you can also build your own E-cigarette by choosing a mod / battery yourself and then choosing a suitable vaporizer and charger. If you are unsure which tank/container fits your particular vape, then you will always find a suitable tank on each article page.

Which is the best Vape?

Pinpointing the "best ecig" is simply not possible, as some customers like simpler and slimmer models and others like slightly more advanced and larger Vejps. So the simple answer is that the best ecig is the vape that you like the most in both appearance and that meets your own requirements.

Is it cheap to Vape?

One of the most common questions that new customers wonder about before they decide to start vaping is whether it is a cheaper alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes?

Prices for different E-cig models vary quite a lot. There are Cheap Vape that cost as little as under 200 sek, but there are also models that cost over 1000 sek. To make it easier for you, we have divided all categories into 4 different price ranges.

Vape with nicotine or Nicotine-free Vape?

With us at Ecigonline you will find over 400 different Vape flavors and you can choose from anything between 0mg-18mg nicotine strength.

More info on all liquids can be found under the E-Juice category. All our ready-mixed liquids are 10ml. If you want larger bottles, there are nicotine-free  ShortFill in full 50ml or 100ml that you can mix with nicotine shots and thus adapt the nicotine strength to your own needs.

All our liquids with nicotine are TPD registered and are specially adapted for the Swedish market, with Swedish warning text and leaflet.

E-liquid with nicotine contains five main ingredients: water, nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavoring.

You can adjust the nicotine strength that suits you in the beginning, and slowly but surely reduce the amount of nicotine and thus get rid of the nicotine addiction. You can reduce the nicotine content and in the end use only nicotine-free liquid. Remember that the goal is to always vape without nicotine.

What is Vape and Ecigarette?

An electronic cigarette or better known in Sweden as E-Cigg / Vape is a rather unique product that can resemble a regular tobacco cigarette both in appearance and feel. However, unlike a regular cigarette, E-cigs do not need to be lit to be used. The taste and smell can vary depending on the flavor of e-juice you choose.

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device that has a special heating element called an atomizer / vaporizer, which vaporizes the nicotine from the liquid inside the cartridge / tank.

A tip is that if you are a heavy smoker, if you vape often, then we recommend that you always have extra spare parts at home, such as a burner, battery or vaporizer, or to simply use two Elciggs while changing during the day from time to time . Read more about e-cigs by clicking on the image below.


How to use Vape ?

There are two different versions of an e-cig. One has a button that you need to press every time you take a puff while the other has an automatic sensor that detects when you inhale. When activated, the battery heats up the nicotine liquid and a smoke-like vapor is created that the user inhales and gets their nicotine kick. When the nicotine liquid in the tank runs out, you can easily top up with new and the battery is rechargeable.

Vaping has many different concepts

Recently, it has become increasingly common to use vape as an alternative to regular cigarettes. For those of you who are not already familiar with the term "vape", we can tell you that it involves inhaling the vapor emitted from e-juice.

The vapor from the e-juice can be completely without nicotine if you choose a nicotine-free e-juice, or if you choose e-juice with nicotine you can adjust the nicotine strength to your own needs.

Do you sell Vaporizers?

Yes of course! We just don't use that word very often. Below we explain this word.

What is the difference between an e-cigarette and a vaporizer?

Actually, there is no difference as all e-cigs generate vapor instead of tobacco smoke. Vapourizer means vaporizer in English. All e-cigarettes must have one. But despite that, vapourizers have gained their own meaning among the accustomed e-smokers - a vapourizer stands for the more advanced models.

Typical characteristics of these are that all the parts are replaceable and that you can regulate and fine-tune your ecig to a greater extent. It usually also has a higher battery capacity that lasts longer, with a larger tank for the e-juice.

This also means that you can get more steam out of more powerful models. Something that is very grateful for "vapers" who like to "trick".

If an experienced vaper says e-cig, he probably means that it is more or less a pen-shaped model and easy to take with you. A vape can be bigger and wider and doesn't have to be cigarette shaped at all.

If someone says cig-a-like, it is even more certain that they mean an e-cigarette that is similar to a regular cigarette.

Many experienced vapers themselves have started with a simpler e-cig that is suitable for beginners and changed it to a more advanced vape, when they learned a little more about how it works.

How many different words are there for e-cigarettes?

Many! Vape, El-cig, electronic cigarette, e-cigarette and vapourizer or vejp are the most common words in Sweden. When it comes to slang and colloquialism in Sweden, many people say e-cig or Vejp.

The latest in the Vape family is the Vape-Pod System, which are "all in one" models where pods are used instead of the traditional "tank". Much more convenient and easier to refill and replace when needed. Pods usually already have built-in burners and, if necessary, you can simply change the complete pod. Pod systems are usually very small and easy to store in your pocket. Most vape-pod systems have no buttons and it starts automatically as soon as you take a puff. No hassle and fairly cheap alternative to traditional e-cigarettes.

Take care of your Vape

Always read the supplied manual before you start using your vape.

When topping up E-Liquid in the vaporizer, avoid E-juice seeping into/onto the battery. In the worst case, this can damage your vape and make it unusable because the contacts in the censor stick and the battery is constantly on. If it has happened, wipe the contact surface of the battery with some paper.

Unscrew the vaporizer/atomizer from the battery when filling (if possible).

Do not overfill the vaporizer / tank. There is usually a max line on the tank/evaporator.

Never blow into the mouthpiece when the atomizer/vaporizer is on the battery.

When you store the e-cig in your pocket or bag, make sure to always have it in the OFF position. You turn off the battery with 5 quick clicks of the button. In the same way, you activate it again when you want to start vaping again.

Change your burner in time. Do not use e-cig if the burner is worn or damaged.

Make sure to always have at least 20% of the tank filled with e-juice so the burner doesn't dry out.

Do not use vaporizer if the glass is cracked or if you notice any other damage.

You can find more information on how to take care of e-cigs in our Vape manual. Click on the image below


Price guarantee on E-Cigg & Vape accessories

We check prices regularly to make sure you always buy Ecigs and vape accessories at unbeatable prices with us. We're confident you won't find the same product at a lower price anywhere else, but if you did, we'll match the price of course. Our price guarantee is another way to help you find the best vape that suits you and your needs, always at the lowest price.

The price guarantee only applies in comparison to the same product from Swedish websites and companies that are registered in Sweden.

Please note that all products you buy from us at Ecigonline are 100% original products, so comparison with Vape copies or clones does not apply. Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous players even on the Swedish market who sell cheap E-Cig copies.

Important information about Vape & E-cigs


You must be over 18 years of age to buy E-cigs and Vape accessories at Ecigonline. Therefore, all customers must identify themselves with Bank ID when ordering.

Note that nicotine is addictive and not recommended for use by non-smokers! Think about your health and vape as little as you can, it's always best to stop smoking completely! Try to taper off nicotine strength.

These people should not Vape:

People under the age of 18, Non-smokers, Pregnant or breastfeeding women, If your doctor advises against smoking.

ATTENTION! Keep the E-Cigarette and all Vape accessories (even used ones) out of the reach of children!

Swedish law on E-cigs and Vape accessories

For a couple of years now, the EU has been working on a tobacco directive, called the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). A directive that EU member states were bound to implement as early as 20/5 2016. A separate law regarding e-cigarettes applies from January 1, 2018. One of the rules is that the maximum capacity of already filled e-juice containers / vaporizers must be at 2.0 ml.

E-juice bottles with nicotine can contain a maximum of 10ml, and nicotine strength must not exceed 20mg. Of course, only TPD-registered products are in our range. As of July 1, 2018, excise duty will be added to E-Juice. The new tax means that SEK 20 will be added to a 10 ml e-juice with nicotine or a Nicotine Shot. To this extra SEK 20, VAT is also added to the price so that the effective increase means a total increase of SEK 25 for a 10 ml bottle.

ATTENTION! The price / Nicotine tax on e-liquid over 15mg-20mg has gone up as of January 1, 2021. High nicotine liquids, 15 mg/ml and over will be taxed at SEK 4/ml. Liquids of less than 15 mg/ml will, as before, be taxed at SEK 2/ml.

So much dietary e-liquid that from January 1, 2021:

E-juice with flavor and nicotine, also nicotine salt and nicotine shots:

10ml bottle with 1-15 mg/ml = + SEK 25 (tax SEK 2/ml + VAT).

10ml bottle with 15-20 mg/ml = + SEK 50 (tax SEK 4/ml + VAT).

As a customer, you can always feel safe shopping with us. Eciggonline stands for safe and certified e-commerce. If you need help finding the right E-cig, don't hesitate to contact us today.